What are Autologous
Serum Tears?

ASEDs or Serum Tears are customized
drops made from a patient’s own blood
that is both a clinically and cost-effective
option to support healthier eyes.

Opticyte Serum Tears contain
ingredients that artificial tears do not,
including growth factors, antibodies,
albumin, and Vitamin A.

These ingredients reduce symptoms
such as stinging, itching, burning, sandy
or gritty sensation, excessive tearing, and
redness. They are all-natural and

How do Opticyte
Tears work?


Your clinician issues a Requisition to
Opticyte Tears via fax or email.


Only Certified specialists perform the
procedure conveniently at your home or
doctors office.


The Clinical Processing
Specialist hands you your Opticyte
Tear Serum in approximately one hour.

It is that easy.

Welcome to Easier Serum Tears.
Opticyte Serum Tears.

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