Opticyte Tears Autologous Serum Tears
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How do Opticyte
Tears work?


Clinician issues a Requisition to
Opticyte Tears via fax or email.


Only Certified specialists perform the
procedure conveniently at the patient's home or doctors office.


The Clinical Processing
Specialist hands the patient Opticyte
Tear Serum in approximately one hour.

Serum Tears are customized drops made from a patient’s own blood to support nerve regeneration and healthier eyes. Serum tears are all natural preservative free tears containing growth factors, antibodies, albumin, and Vitamin A.

Serum Tears may be used for patients with a variety of ocular surface conditions, including but not limited to

  • Dry eye disease
  • Non-healing corneal epithelial defects
  • Corneal staining
  • Neurotrophic keratopathy

Serum Tears also work great as an adjunctive therapy or as maintenance care.

Once you complete the requisition form, our service team will reach out to the patient to schedule the appointment. Our certified clinical processing specialist will come to the patient’s home or your clinic to create the eye drops on site. The process takes approximately one hour.

OST recommends starting at 30% and not to exceed 50%. At 50% the serum becomes more viscous and may affect patient comfort and compliance with the daily protocol regardless of severity.